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Each week Iyaz Akhtar scours CNET's sites to see what people are looking at and talking about, and then counts down the most popular trends in tech. From the most popular products to must have gadgets to the most downloaded software, Iyaz brings a witty, informative look at each week's list.
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Top 5 ways to supercharge Netflix

9 months ago ● 0 minutes
If you love streaming on Netflix, you should really check these out.

Top 5 questions about Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip

9 months ago ● 0 minutes
It's a brand-new phone with a really cool gimmick. But what happens to the folding screen

Free 4K TV for your home is coming soon

9 months ago ● 0 minutes
New tech will bring high-quality video to your devices over the air for the low, low cost of &%2

Top 5 Apple iPhone 12 rumors

10 months ago ● 0 minutes
We've got a while to go before Apple's annual refresh of the iPhone, but repor

Alternatives to Google Chrome

10 months ago ● 0 minutes
Google isn't the only game in town when you go online. See what Brave, Firefox, Micros

Top 5 tech things to get excited for in 2020

a year ago ● 0 minutes
A new year will bring some awesome things to people who love streaming, their phones and amazing t

Iyaz's favorite tech purchases of the year (2019)

a year ago ● 0 minutes
The host of Top 5 is really, really stingy. Here are the tech things that he gladly spent his mone

The Top 5 video streaming services

a year ago ● 0 minutes
There are more and more players out there trying to keep your eyeballs glued to a screen. Find out w

Top 5 features Disney Plus needs

a year ago ● 0 minutes
Disney's streaming service is good, but it could be great. Here's what could b

Top 5 products of the month

2 years ago ● 6 minutes
These are the gadgets and tech that have grabbed the attention of CNET readers over the past 30 days
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