Desi Outsiders

Desi Outsiders
A podcast by two young Indian women who want to be the voice of reason that fails to be heard in certain Indian households. The podcast is designed to bring meaningful conversations on relationships, dating, education, and feminism into Indian homes. Meenal is an Indian who was raised outside of India in a very traditional Indian household while Ankita was raised in India in a more liberal household. So when these two girls get together, the conversation gets rolling.
31 Episodes

Episode 31 - In Conversation with Mom Boss of 3

3 years ago ● 41 minutes
Finally, we bring you the much awaited Season premiere with the one and only "Mom Boss Of 3" f

Episode 30 - QnA: Season 2 Finale

4 years ago ● 32 minutes
In season 2, we discussed many issues affecting us all around the globe and here we are at the Sea

Episode 29 - The one where Meenal left

4 years ago ● 47 minutes
Meenal left and Shane grabbed on to the opportunity to replace her. The result: a very poor reflec

Episode 28 - Simar Singh on Un-Erasing Poetry

4 years ago ● 55 minutes
The first time we came across Simar’s ‘The Legal Rapist’, we were totally

Episode 27 - Braindump

4 years ago ● 39 minutes
This week, we come with the last Braindump of the season. As always, nothing can prepare you for

Episode 26 - Priyanka Madan on Burning the Candle at Both Ends

4 years ago ● 36 minutes
This week, we’re in conversation with Priyanka Madan, a lawyer based in London. She lear

Episode 25 - IPL Fever

4 years ago ● 27 minutes
This week, we want to talk to you all about the sensation that has taken India by storm - he IPL.

Episode 24 - Following Your Artistic Passions : A guest interview with Lasya Esha

4 years ago ● 35 minutes
We’re so excited to share our conversation with Esha Malkani from Lasya Dance where we talk

Episode 23 : Braindump - March 2017

4 years ago ● 35 minutes
This week we have another braindump for you! As always, the tangents are unexpected and this tim

Episode 22 : Mother's Day Secial

4 years ago ● 31 minutes
With just 3 days left to Mother’s Day here in the UK, we decided to have a little chat abo
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