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Schumy Vanna Kaviyangal
A Tamil podcast which has a fun and an open take on various topics and subject matters coz we have our own opinion on everything. This show is run by a guy with an alias name of Hashirama Senju and his team.
22 Episodes

Nepotism oru alasal Ft Rabi aka Biriyaniman

8 months ago ● 26 minutes

Hashirama Senju and Rabi discuss in detail about how nepotism exists around them and how it i

Social messages in movies ft Sasuke and Master Jiraya

8 months ago ● 82 minutes
Hashirama Senju and his guests talk about social messages in movies in detail.

The inability to execute genres and content restrictions in Tamil cinema

8 months ago ● 10 minutes

This episode is a direct sequel to "original genres" episode in Season 1, this episode

Pornography in India - A discussion Ft Vijay Varadharaj and Sarvs Sagaa

8 months ago ● 30 minutes

This is a special episode and a long awaited crossover for Schumy fans, in this episode Vij

Tamil online community and its creators : A discussion

9 months ago ● 200160 minutes
<p>Hashirama and Madara discuss in detail about the Tamil online community and i

Veganism oru alasal ft Sarvs Saaga

9 months ago ● 157260 minutes
<p>Hashirama Senju and Sarvs Sagaa discuss in detail about Veganism in general.%

Parasite Vijay naditha Minsaara Kannavin copyaa?

9 months ago ● 177600 minutes
<p>Hashirama Senju and Moneesh discuss the relation between Oscar winner Parasit

Why do people (who belong to the industry ) take themselves seriously in Tamil pop culture

9 months ago ● 178860 minutes
<p>Hashirama Senju and Uchiha Madara discuss about pop culture elements who take

SVK Season 1 finale Q and A session

a year ago ● 246480 minutes
<p>Season 1 finale is an episode to answer all questions our regular listeners a

Bad words - A discussion (HighBeam Edition) ft Plip Plip Sarvs Sagaa

a year ago ● 153420 minutes
<p>Hashirama Senju and Sarvs Sagaa discuss about bad words in this episode and w
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