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Join historian and biographer Patrick French on Stepwell, the Ahmedabad University podcast, as he talks to eminent scholars from around the world, covering a broad range of topics and perspectives that challenge and transform conventional views.

13: 'A Suitable Boy' and other stories, with Mira Nair

a year ago ● 109380 minutes
In the finale of the Stepwell podcast, Patrick French talks to the acclaimed director Mira Nair. T

12: The Evolution of India's Right Wing, with Swapan Dasgupta

a year ago ● 118980 minutes
Swapan Dasgupta, author of 'Awakening Bharat Mata: The political beliefs of the Indian

11: The history of the present, with Maya Jasanoff

a year ago ● 134580 minutes
On the latest episode of the Stepwell podcast, Patrick French and renowned Harvard historian Maya

10: How Indian Democracy works, with Mukulika Banerjee

2 years ago ● 137940 minutes
On Thursday, the BJP-led government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi swept back to power for a s

9: The need for interdisciplinary collaboration, with Simon Goldhill

2 years ago ● 127440 minutes
Are complex problems like Climate change or inequality more likely to be solved through collaborativ

8: With every breath: Why music matters, with Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan

2 years ago ● 94380 minutes
Why is creating art a journey and a process? How do musicians train their bodies to perfect their

7: Conservatism in India, with Shruti Kapila

2 years ago ● 104880 minutes
While Conservatism hasn't emerged as a political ideology in India, it has had a continu

6: Cotton trade and the emergence of capitalism, with Sven Beckert

2 years ago ● 147060 minutes
How did cotton trade, slavery and colonialism play a role in the emergence of capitalism? What r

5: "Missing" women in Indian Democracy, with Shamika Ravi

2 years ago ● 125820 minutes
Why are 20% of women "missing" from Indian democracy? What happens w

4: The people who are keeping our planet alive, with Jim Skea and Minal Pathak

2 years ago ● 126180 minutes
Patrick French talks to climate scientists Jim Skea and Minal Pathak of the Intergovernmental Panel
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