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This is Yuvaah from the Daily Diary who talks about the life time stories as lesson in each episodes and to tell all the youngsters who loves to listen podcast about general facts. Do listen and share which you love to hear with lots of Fun. Follow me on insta : @_yuvaah_ to give any suggestions

The Daily Diary - 10 - Help Them To Get Out Of Depressions??

5 months ago ● 23580 minutes
In this episode, the Podcast is about the depressed persons who hesitate to share their problems a

The Daily Diary - 09 - Don't Lose The Best In You With Anger??

5 months ago ● 27840 minutes
This episode is about the persons who get anger by this tensed world and adviced to be calm. Nowaday

The Daily Diary - 08 - Overthinking Keeps You In Stress

5 months ago ● 24300 minutes
In this episode, was explained about that don't think too much of things without staying

The Daily Diary - 07 - Stop Comparing to Know the Value of Yourself

6 months ago ● 21720 minutes
In this episode the podcast is about people who compare themselves with some others and don'

The Daily Diary - 06 - Smile To The Core☺

6 months ago ● 22320 minutes
This episode is about smiling is the one which makes us to feel that we are happy and it's

The Daily Diary - 05 - Be the person you want

6 months ago ● 18420 minutes
This episode is about the people who changes because of someone's forced words and the per

School Time Funs are the Best Memories - The Special Episode

6 months ago ● 45000 minutes
The episode with lot of fun we had in our school times and missing the best ones and the memories. D

The Daily Diary - 04 - Ego is not a key

7 months ago ● 18000 minutes
This episode is about that we should not have ego with each other in friendship nor relationship whi

The Daily Diary - 03 - Appreciate them and know their talents

7 months ago ● 11040 minutes
This episode is about the persons who don't have guts to show their talents to this world

The Daily Diary - 02 - Kids are the Reason for Happiness

7 months ago ● 8640 minutes
In this episode, the podcast is about the Happiness from kids and no more negativity was surrounde
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